Are you a Candidate?

Screening Exam is Free

A brief screening will be required to determine if you are a LASIK candidate. Your vision will be tested and the prescription of your present lenses will be read. You will have an opportunity to talk with your surgeon and ask any questions about the procedure at this visit. If your vision screening indicates you are a possible candidate, an appointment will then be made for a Surgical Evaluation with one of our physicians.

Surgical Evaluation - $100.00

A complete dilated eye exam with refraction is done to determine if your eyes are healthy and your prescription is stable. In addition, a computerized topographical map of your cornea will be done to determine your surgical plan. This fee will be paid at Coastal Eye Group the day of the exam. When you schedule your surgery, this fee is credited towards the cost of the surgery.


If you wear contact lenses, you must stop wearing them for 2 weeks (for soft contacts); 4 weeks (for gas perm or hard contacts) prior to this exam. Failure to do this could produce poor surgical results.