Wavefront Technology

What is wavefront technology?

Wavefront-guided laser vision correction represents the latest technology in the field of laser correction.

The VISX® WavePrint™ system at the Coastal Eye Group is both a diagnostic and treatment approach that allows the doctor to take a precise measurement of the patient's eyes, similar to a fingerprint of your vision. This waveprint map enables the doctors at the Coastal Eye Group to provide personalized vision correction to our valued patients. In the system's diagnostic phase, a device called the WaveScan makes a WavePrint Map, a detailed map of the patient's vision.

In the treatment phase, the doctor uses the information from the WavePrint Map to perform the vision correction. The end result of utilizing wavefront technology is that your laser treatment is custom and specific to your very own vision. Due to the customization you will potentially see better than you would with conventional lasik. For a more detailed explanation as to why CustomLASIK and wavefront technology are good options to consider please consult one of laser vision correction specialists.

CustomVue/Wavescan FEES

$1999.00 per eye/$3998.00 both eyes

The above fee includes the surgical evaluation, the facility fee for the laser center, the surgeon’s fee, and all after care for one year. If your optometrist will be doing your after care, this is included as well. If your surgeon recommends further laser treatment to enhance your surgical results then that will be included in this fee as well.