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Archive for July 2019

Avoid online contact lens “switches”.

Most online contact lens suppliers just want to ship you the lenses your doctor actually prescribed, but Hubble wants to switch you to a lens your doctor most likely did NOT prescribe and has never seen on your eyes. Not a recipe for success. Talk to your eye doctor at Coastal Eye Group about the…

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Monovision concerns in visually critical situations…

Monovision is a wonderful way to avoid the need for glasses… but certainly caution needs to be taken in visually critical situations like driving. If you do not feel totally confident and comfortable with driving with monovision correction, glasses can be worn over your eyes to provide best corrected vision at distance in each eye.…

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Blue Light and Supplements Continue to be Hot Topics

Blocking blue light and arming the retinal with sufficient nutrients to combat the stresses inherent in our modern society continue to be publicly debated. So many of these “studies” come from companies that stand to make a lot of money if these various products are popular in the marketplace. Some quoted here are just that.…

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Can cataracts alter one’s color perception?

Can cataracts alter one’s color perception? Absolutely. Many of our cataract surgery patients at Coastal Eye Group are surprised at how colors shift and become brighter after surgery. Patients expect their vision to be sharper and less fuzzy, but the change in color is unexpected. Check out this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer:  

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Eyes feel gritty? Sandy? Burn? You may very well have Blepharitis, one of the common conditions we deal with every day at Coastal Eye Group. Blepharitis is a chronic condition and tends to really never go away without intervention. View the overview video below to learn more.   View Video Lid scrubs are a mainstay…

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