Love ya' we do, but we need everyone
to wear masks in our facilities.

But as we gear back up to normal operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be requiring ALL patients - and staff - to wear masks or some sort of cloth face covering while inside our clinic. No exceptions will be made without prior approval. We will be greeting patients at the door and taking temperatures, as well. See our complete COVID-19 Notice below. Thank you for your understanding.

Little River Named "Best Eye Laser Eye Surgeon"

2019 and 2020 Winners: North Strand Readers Choice Awards

Congratulations once again to Jennifer Merritt, MD, Robert Prinzi, MD and all the excellent staff in our Little River office. They were voted winners in the "Best Laser Eye Surgeon" category of the North Strand Readers Choice Awards for 2020!


READ OUR BLOG: "The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe ... is that people aren’t wearing masks."

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COVID-19 Notice


Your health and the health of our community are of the utmost importance.  Please know that we are taking every precaution to keep our patients and staff healthy.

If you are NOT experiencing any of the following symptoms please know that it IS completely SAFE for you to keep your scheduled appointment with our office:

  • Have a fever
  • Are experiencing respiratory symptoms
  • Have returned from China since January 21, 2020
  • Have returned from Iran, Italy, Japan, or South Korea since February 13, 2020
  • Have reason to believe that you were directly exposed to the novel coronavirus

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact us and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.


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Reusing masks safely… a simple guide

Based on advice from Dr. Peter Tsai, the inventor of the major filtering component in the impossible-to-obtain N95 masks, the following is a guideline for reusing masks of any type... N95, surgical, or DIY: Leave your mask in dry atmosphere air for 3-4 days to dry it out. COVID-19 needs ...

Tidelands Health gets “overwhelming” support, as 2,000 volunteers offer to sew crucial medical masks

Tidelands nursing chief Pam Maxwell says the hospital has thousands of N95 masks, which are crucial to medical workers in the fight against COVID-19, but there’s one problem. “It’s just that the straps that hold the mask on your head are very, very brittle,” said Maxwell. Tidelands asked for help ...

The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe … is that people aren’t wearing masks

"The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe, in my opinion, is that people aren’t wearing masks. This virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact. Droplets play a very important role—you’ve got to wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth. ...

Avoid online contact lens “switches”.

Most online contact lens suppliers just want to ship you the lenses your doctor actually prescribed, but Hubble wants to switch you to a lens your doctor most likely did NOT prescribe and has never seen on your eyes. Not a recipe for success. Talk to your eye doctor at ...

Monovision concerns in visually critical situations…

Monovision is a wonderful way to avoid the need for glasses... but certainly caution needs to be taken in visually critical situations like driving. If you do not feel totally confident and comfortable with driving with monovision correction, glasses can be worn over your eyes to provide best corrected vision ...

‘SENSELESS, THOUGHTLESS’: Man pleads guilty to blinding stranger with BB gun

History has shown that children often don't understand the potential dangers of BB guns, #paintball weapons, and #Airsoft products, as well. ‘SENSELESS, THOUGHTLESS’: Man pleads guilty to blinding stranger with BB gun  

Blue Light and Supplements Continue to be Hot Topics

Blocking blue light and arming the retinal with sufficient nutrients to combat the stresses inherent in our modern society continue to be publicly debated. So many of these "studies" come from companies that stand to make a lot of money if these various products are popular in the marketplace. Some ...

Can cataracts alter one’s color perception?

Can cataracts alter one's color perception? Absolutely. Many of our cataract surgery patients at Coastal Eye Group are surprised at how colors shift and become brighter after surgery. Patients expect their vision to be sharper and less fuzzy, but the change in color is unexpected. Check out this article from ...


Eyes feel gritty? Sandy? Burn? You may very well have Blepharitis, one of the common conditions we deal with every day at Coastal Eye Group. Blepharitis is a chronic condition and tends to really never go away without intervention. View the overview video below to learn more.   View Video ...

Macular Degeneration impairs vision in millions…

Macular Degeneration (AMD) continues to impair vision in millions of people as they age. While nutritional improvements, reducing or eliminating smoking, and supplementation can help prevent AMD's onset, it's still important to detect the signs as early as possible. All our eye doctors at Coastal Eye Group care for many ...

Cataracts – What To Look For

Did you know that Bay Microsurgical Unit, Coastal Eye Group's ambulatory eye surgery center in Georgetown was the just the second such eye surgery center ever approved in the state of South Carolina? Since 1985 Bay Microsurgical Unit has provided a calm, reassuring setting for patients throughout the Grand Strand. ...

LRS – Lens Replacement Surgery

LRS? Lens Replacement Surgery is the removal of the natural lens in the eye and replacing it with a small artificial lens, also known as an implant, or intraocular lens (IOL). In adults with vision impairment stemming from cataracts, we simply use the term "Cataract Surgery", not LRS. No surprise ...

Protecting Your Children’s Eyes This Summer

This article from France hits all the high points. Yes, protecting your kids' eyes is a good idea. Research shows that a lifetime's exposure to UV light, wind, dust, etc. are related to the development of various eye conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium, and more. Never hurts to get ...

Sleep Apnea Can Cause Serious Eye Problems?

Sleep apnea can cause eye problems? It can happen. The low oxygen levels caused by sleep apnea can lead to a host of significant issues include vascular occlusion in the eye. Common? Branch and Central Retinal Vein Occlusions are frequently seen in our five offices. How many of them are ...

Iowa doctors seeing more cases of rare painful, blinding eye disease among contact wearers

Poorly chlorinated swimming pools are a common source of Acanthomoeba. Wearing contacts in these risky pools are a bad combination. Private pool owners need to make sure they are properly maintaining their pools, and when using public pools make sure to check on their maintenance. If it looks sketchy, it ...

Hepatitis A Outbreak in SC

From SC Department of Health and Human Services (May 15, 2019): On Monday, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) announced that cases of hepatitis A across the state have reached outbreak level. Hepatitis A is a contagious liver infection that is transmitted through person-to-person contact with ...

Relying on Dr. Google to Diagnose Eye Problems may be Dangerous to Your Health

OCT 29, 2018 - Academy of Ophthalmology Study shows popular online symptom checker was incorrect 74 percent of the time, often assesses symptom severity incorrectly CHICAGO –  Oct. 29, 2018 – A study examining the diagnoses generated by WebMD Symptom Checker showed the online tool was correct only 26 ...

Macular degeneration linked to aging immune cells

From the Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine website: As people age, their immune systems age, too. And new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suggests that aging immune cells increase the risk for age-related macular degeneration, a major cause of blindness in the ...

Welcome to Dr. Jenna Benson

We're excited to have Dr. Jenna Benson join our practice. She'll be providing medical and surgical care for patients in both our Georgetown and Murrells Inlet offices. To learn more about Dr. Benson, visit her profile page.

Welcome to Coastal Eye Group, PC

Next to life itself nothing is more important than our ability to see the world.  Welcome to Coastal Eye Group, South Carolina's premier group of eye specialists.  Coastal Eye Group can make your vision care goals a reality. Our practice specializes in comprehensive ophthalmology and surgical eye procedures including LASIK, cataract surgery, lens implant procedures, glaucoma procedures, retinal laser and surgery, and general ophthalmology. Our Ophthalmologists and Optometrists diagnose and treat a wide range of medical and optical eye conditions, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, double vision issues, dry eye, and much more. 

We invite you to browse this website to get better acquainted with cataract surgery, advanced glaucoma management, as well as medical and surgical retinal care. For more information on a specific procedure, contact us today.

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"I can't believe I waited as long as I did..."

"I just recently had cataract surgery on both eyes. Dr. John Hazelton of the Coastal Eye Group performed the surgery and boy am I one happy camper. Closing in on my 83rd birthday, I can't believe I waited as long as I did. The difference in my vision is astonishing. The procedure was quick and painless and I knew I was in good hands as all the staffers I came in contact with had nothing but respect for the good doctor. In closing, I would very happily like to report that my golf handicap has gone from 19 to a 15 and trending lower."

Philip L. (Murrells Inlet, SC)

Our Medical Team

Twelve doctors providing general ophthalmology, optometry, and sub-specialty services, including cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, retinal surgery, a wide range of laser and refractive procedures, as well as all aspects of medical eye care.

General Ophthalmology
General Optometry
Medical & Surgical Glaucoma
General Ophthalmology
General Ophthalmology
General Ophthalmology
Medical & Surgical Retina
General Ophthalmology
General Ophthalmology
Medical & Surgical Glaucoma
Medical Retina
General Optometry

Cataract Surgery

If a cataract grows large enough to impair your vision, and affect your daily activities, cataract removal may be recommended. Cataract removal is a common procedure, and is safely performed millions of times each year. During the procedure, the cataract surgeon removes the clouded lens that has affected your vision, and replaces it with a clear, artificial, intraocular lens. As a result, most patients can achieve a noticeable improvement in their vision.

At Coastal Eye Group, our experienced ophthalmologists are some of the top cataract surgeons in South Carolina with an unsurpassed success rate. To lean more about cataract surgery, view the video featured here.

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Insurances Accepted

Coastal Eye Group, PC participates in dozens of the most popular insurance plans, including but not limited to:

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